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70’s Mac defined term Personal Computer

80’s Microsoft Born !

90’s Windows Changed The Term Personal Computer

That Was History…..

2000- iPod re-defined Music..

2007- iPhone re-defined Smart Phone..

2009- iPad revolutionised Tablet Computer..

2010- Facebook reached 500 M mark !!!

2011- iOS 5,iCloud,OS X Lion..

Where have Windows Disappeared ?

wait for it….

Windows 8 Coming Soon…….. 

Five Predictions About Your Future – #1: You Will Own Fewer Gadgets


How will this come about? Hardware, for what it is, will sometime soon become irrelevant. You will have secure access to your personal data and your media from anywhere you are. You may buy a device, like a phone or a tablet, but they will be very inexpensive, almost disposable (and certainly recyclable). There will be no benefit from buying newer hardware. It will not be faster or have more storage. It will not offer new features. All that will matter is the software and the net and the net will be everywhere.

I believe this to be true.

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Minimal Mac: iCloudy With A Chance Of Streaming


Like many of the tech writers in my Twitter stream, I too am simply exhausted from all that there is to unpack in today’s WWDC 2011 Keynote. That said, let me try to break down a few highlights that I think are important to what we believe in here.

I’m going to start with the one I found most…

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Most Technically Advanced !

Many believe the USA to be the most tech savvy country, NASA, USA has space crafts on mars, spacecrafts that have circled every planet in our solar system, Hubble telescope that has given the clearest images ever of the universe, space craft that landed on an asteroid, they put men on the moon, computer software, Intel, to name a few advances, those who say many of the military tech USA has is not made in America, that is simply not true, 

Nothing to be proud of but USA is the largest supplier of military equipment in the world. It took over twenty countries of the European Union to equal Boeing Aircraft makers, Lockheed Martin makes the most advanced weapons on earth, not to mention tanks, aircraft carriers and so much more that are made in USA, global position System so many things we use. America is also the most powerfull and richest country in the world. 

Global Innovation

The Global Innovation Index, a ranking of 130 countries released yesterday, calls the US the world’s number one innovator. The index was created by Soumitra Dutta, a professor at French business school INSEAD, along with New Delhi based non-profit organization The Confederation of Indian Industry. 
The global index ranks Germany second, Sweden third, the UK fourth and Singapore fifth. Contrary to what some might expect, China comes in relatively low at number 37, while India stands at number 41. 
The ranking is based on indices such as the number of internet users in a nation, the ease of doing business and the stability of banks (that score alone makes surprising that the U.S. tops the list). Every factor is then categorized as either an input or an output, with inputs indicating how conducive countries are to stimulating innovation (these include institutions and policies, human capacity, infrastructure, technological sophistication, business markets and capital). The outputs indicate how effectively countries translate innovation into benefits - like knowledge, competitiveness and weal 

Countries with the Most Nobel Prize Winners

  1.  United States 270
  2.  United Kingdom 101
  3.  Germany 76
  4.  France 49
  5.  Sweden 30
  6.  Switzerland 22
  7.  Netherlands 15
  8.  USSR 14
  9.  Italy 14
  10.  Denmark 13
  11.  Japan 12
  12.  Austria 11
  13.  Canada 10
  14.  Spain 6
  15.  Australia 6
  16.  Ireland 5
  17.  Israel 5
  18.  Poland 5
  19.  South Africa 5
  20.  Argentina 5
  21.  India 4

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Grandview is a new “distraction-free” writing environment that has one of the more interesting interfaces you likely have ever seen. It’s clearly one of those things that was developed to serve a particular need of the developer and is not for everyone.

Basically, by default, you see one word at a time as you type. Get to the end of a sentence and it then displays the entire sentence on screen until you begin typing the next. It is kind of difficult to wrap one’s head around in concept and only really begins to click seeing it in practice. Like I said, it is not for everyone. Furthermore, I’m likely a very bad person to evaluate it. 

Why? Well, it may come as a shock to you, especially with being a writer and all, that I never learned how to touch type. I’m a very, very fast “hunt and pecker” (OK, You can stop snickering now). Therefore, I often don’t look at the screen when I type. At least, I don’t remain focused on it. In fact, I kind of can see what I have typed in my head as I’m working. Mistakes and typos and all. I can write and edit a whole document with hardly ever looking at the screen. Even as I type this the flicker of the full screen one word experience are all that I am seeing as they flash and reflect off of my keyboard. 

All of this is a long way to saying that one should really take a close look at this before pulling the trigger. That said, I can certainly imagine it being nirvana for a small group of folks so it is worth a peek at least. If for no other reason than it is one of the few truly original concepts I have seen in this space.

(P.S. This review was written in it’s entirety using it)

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While these charts are anything but proof of bad management — in business school the first thing they teach you about CEO’s is: it is the CEO’s job to increase the shareholder value of the company. Since taking the position Ballmer has decreased shareholder value, as reflected by stock price, by -56.63%. That. Is. Not. Good. I agree. It is absolutely astonishing to me that Ballmer is still in charge. In any other company in the world the shareholders and board would have been screaming for his resignation years ago. Ben lays out the case for his removal in such an educated and detailed way that anyone who can do simple math can see that Microsoft, under Ballmer’s tenure, has become not just a shadow of it’s former self but a parody.
Unfortunately, I disagree with the title of the piece. I think it is quite obvious that if Ballmer’s days were not considered over well before now they likely never will be.

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definitely iPhone !

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